While access to legal services has increased over the years, access to financial advice has been on the decline. Most clients may face an insecure future if this is not dealt with. It has been reported that the number of lawyers in the United Kingdom is five times more than that of financial advisers.

As a result, many people do not understand their financial position.

Our firm understands that professional advice is important for all. Technology has partly helped us perform our job. However, there are various challenges that are still facing regarding this. Many financial advisers are aging and approaching retirement.

This has proved to be a major challenge in offering mass market financial advice. The financial service industry has also been hit with various challenges including some providers opting for poor practices, thus further damaging the reputation of the industry.

Fortunately, collaboration is one of the essential solutions to this problem. Based on our research and experience, a collaboration between lawyers and financial advisers will be key to ensuring that the public has access to financial advise with ease. The two can work together to achieve their various goals and objectives in offering services to their clients.

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