A former employee of the collapsed Kingly Solicitors Limited law firm network has been awarded £37,000 by an employment tribunal. This is following the shutdown of Kingly after the Solicitors Regulation Authority intervened in August.

Kingly was established in 2016 and had since acquired several practices across the country. Its closure is one of the largest in history in terms of the closure of law firms by the regulatory.

The intervention of the Solicitors Regulation Authority came after the law firm failed to comply with several terms of its license. The regulatory body also claimed dishonesty on the part of Nurul Miah, the manager of the firm. An investigation was launched into the directors of the firm. After several findings, the firm was put into voluntary liquidation at the end of September.

Following the closure, more than 180 staff of Kingly Solicitors Limited law firm lost their jobs. Besides, the firm owed several lenders about £17 million by the time of its closure. Employees did not receive a warning or notice for their redundancy upon the closure of the firm.

A former staff brought eight claims before the Employment Tribunal Judge Newburn on February 1 against the firm. The claims included unfair dismissal, salary reduction, and breach of contract. The employee was awarded £37,000 after the court ruling.

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