Pregnancy is a starting point for the journey to motherhood for every woman. Expectant mothers experience and undergo various changes over the nine months of pregnancy that will prepare them for the arrival of their little ones.

Therefore, it’s important for pregnant mothers to know the essential things that may affect their pregnancy. They must also be aware of their rights to maternity care such as:

1. The Right to Quality Health Care in All Maternity Stages

Expectant mothers have a right to receive good maternity care from their preferred provider from pregnancy up to childbirth. The standards of healthcare should be equal whether one has decided to give birth in a birth clinic or a hospital.

Pregnant women also have the right to choose either a midwife or a medical professional. However, the care provider you choose should have experience and professional skills in both normal and complicated childbirth. You can also change your care provider whenever you want.

2. The Right to be Treated with Respect

As a pregnant woman, you have the right to access maternity care that honours your religious and cultural background. Your maternity care provider must respect your cultural and religious beliefs. They should also be aware of their rights in their place of work. Laws protect women who are expecting pregnancy discrimination. Your employer should, therefore, not violate these laws.

3. Understand Your Legal Rights in Childbirth

Various birth injuries may occur during childbirth. They may include brain damage, bone fractures, and abdominal injury. Birth assistants who fail to offer appropriate action or treatment should be held accountable.

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