Nike has been reported to respond to the contentious shoes designed by MSCHF, a company based in Brooklyn. They have filed a lawsuit in a court of law. The shoe features a cross turned upside down with some biblical words and a pentagram.

It has also been reported recently to be a spot of human blood. The shoes were designed through a modification of a Nike model. The shoes have achieved amazing success despite the controversies surrounding them. All the 666 pairs that were released to the market recently were sold within one minute.

Nike has filed their claim with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York stating that it does not authorize or approve the customized satan shoes. They have also requested that the MSCHF be prohibited from using the Nike ‘Swoosh’ and that they should be stopped from selling the shoes.

Nike stated that the satan shoes are likely to confuse and bring an erroneous association of Nike products and those of MSCHF.

Many people have taken to Twitter to criticize MSCHF for the shoe. The lawsuit by Nike appears to be an effort by the giant sports brand to distance itself from the criticism.

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