Today, most young people are considering diversified careers instead of the usual traditional careers.  For them, joining a faced paced and young tech startup is more appealing. The current young generation has grown with knowledge of technology. They are, therefore, in a position to use modern digital tools in advancing their career.

The ability of a firm to provide the latest technology and meeting the expectations of the coming generation is an important part of attracting top talents. A recent study by Robert Half Legal, a management consultant, revealed that in every five employers, three of them who are filling open positions said that the technical abilities of candidates influenced their hiring decisions.

This means that it’s important for the budding lawyers who are seeking a competitive edge to develop skills and use the latest technology.

Recent research has shown that most trainee lawyers believe legal technology enables them to focus on challenging work. Technology is important for job satisfaction as well as a work-life challenge.

Advanced collaboration tools have also enabled young lawyers to get a tighter feedback look with their senior counterparts.  Firms that provide good digital tools are best placed to attract young graduate lawyers and retain them.

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